DVD discount

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You still get the exclusive “Triple Disc Signature Series” which includes:

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  • The 2 hour long uncut DVD that will make all of your friends insanely jealous when you come around the way with playing it
  • The sizzling hot mixtape hosted by DJ Kay Slay aka Slap Your Favorite DJ
  • My never before released album “Rock It Till The Wheels Fall Off”
  • Risk-Free Protection with my ironclad “Get-Your-Bread-Back” 60-day Guarantee


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  • I will knock off $5 from the original discounted price of $27
  • …and to put a cherry on top — I will throw in FREE S/H


Which means you can have this total package for just:

$22 – Flat!

If you even thought for a second that you wanted this DVD, but were a bit hesitant…this offer should have your brain screaming — “Dammit, I Want It Now!!”

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